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Leicestershire horse sanctuary thankful for donations

Many thanks to BBC Leicester and BBC east Midlands today for there help and support(thanks Becca!).

Here is a web feature based on Carole`s interviews with them

the original piece can be found here

Many of the horses have suffered injury; Cherry was blinded in a car crash

A Leicestershire horse sanctuary is grateful for the donations it has received from members of the public after appearing on BBC television.

Pablo’s Sanctuary in Long Clawson appeared on East Midlands Today as it was struggling to cope due to rising food costs and an increased intake.

More than 60 horses are currently cared for at the site, but staff have been forced to turn many others away.

Owner Carol Fielding said the donations had helped pay off their winter bills.

Horse sanctuaries are full to the rafters, we just can't physically take anymore

Dozens of cheques arrived by post and were delivered by hand in response to the charity’s appearance.

“People have come down to see the horses and on the way out they’ve given me nice envelopes with cheques in for £1,000.

“So thanks to all that we’ve managed to pay off all of last winter’s bills which means we’re going into this winter with a clean slate.”

However she added the sanctuary were still under pressure due to the “tremendous demand” for spaces.

“Look in any horse magazine and you’ll see horses being abandoned on racecourses, on golf courses, just literally being abandoned everywhere.

“Horse sanctuaries are full to the rafters, we just can’t physically take anymore.”


Lots of Good things coming!

Dee Dee and Nicky

Hi there everyone,Plenty to tell this time and of course look out for our owner Carole Fielding and her follow up appearance today(26/10/2010) on BBC East Midlands today news.I shall try and get hold of the footage and put it on this site for everyone to see.

We have a Free gig this Saturday,yes you read that right! totally Free to see the awesome band `the London Panic` live at `The Crown` public house,Burton Street Melton Mowbray.Please come along and support our loyal volunteer Matt and his band and maybe if we have given you a great night out you may have a few pennies to put in our tin on the way out.The night starts at 8.00pm, so if your in Melton on Saturday October 2nd please do come along!

Our second fundraiser is the much lauded Rolling Stones covers band `Sticky Fingers` who will be playing for us on Friday October 15th again at Melton Mowbray Working Men`s club.Tickets are just £5.00 on the door and the gig kicks off at 8.00pm,please come along and support us,a great night out in a great cause.

we would like to welcome our new pony to the Sanctuary, her name is Dolly she is a 44 year old ex show pony who looks and acts much younger than her years.Dolly came to us after her owners moved away and the move wouldn’t have been good for a Pony her age.Dolly has already found a friend in our ex racehorse Westie, we know she will find a lot of happiness with us.


Don`t forget we are still giving away the finest Horse manure for your home grown veg and your gardens, whether its a bagful or a skip full we are happy to oblige free of charge (inquiries welcome).

A big hello to our friends in North Wales!

we have just finished giving all our Horses the Autumn wormers, these were very kindly donated to us by Pets at home. Worming is always a messy job, some know whats coming and avoid being caught at all costs, `bouncing `Bella has a habit of continually rearing up whilst unsurprisingly Malty see`s  having wormer as another meal!

A big thanks to Melton`s local radio station 103-the Eye who have helped support us in our push to recruit more volunteers.A huge thank you to all our volunteers and our new recruits but with the onset of winter we still need so many more.So if you fancy doing something that can change lives or will get you out of bed in the morning or simply you just love Horses, give us a holler or read more about us on the volunteer tab on this website.


A huge thank you to everyone for all there love and support to keep us going,that’s every single person out there we thank you so much for your help in supporting what we do.

Plenty more thanks


It begins with another round of thanks to all who have helped us out recently.There has been so so many kind souls who have most generously thought of our work and done something special to help us.Our owner Carole Fielding is so moved by what everyone has done and currently is trying to get round to writing to every single person with `thank you`s`.

An instance of pure heart was that special someone who turned up at the Sanctuary gate and handing us a cheque for £1,000!

A beautiful story was two young ladies who had seen the coverage of the Sanctuary on TV and desperately wanted to help.Fleur and Clarice Ellingworth from Eaton managed to raise £16.00 by selling there Grandma`s apples, thank you so much both of you.

Bobby Blue

A very kind farmer at Weston on Trent let us have 300 bales of hay free of charge, now after last years terrible winter the price of Hay has shot through the roof and we dreaded the financial impact of this winter.An even nicer gesture by the Farmer was after we had taken the 300 bales he let us have the rest which was in his barn probably another 400 bales! sounds a lot but Hay does go awfully quick in winter.

there have been so many stories: a couple who came all the way from Heanor in Derbyshire to give us £20, a young couple who donated ten bales of Hay, I`m going to get more stories so I can relate how super and kind people can be.


It does sound like a bit of repeating from the last blog but so many many people have helped and we never forget the people who have helped and keep us going.We really cannot going without your continued love and support, we like to think Carole has created something truly special with Pablo`s and our Sanctuary is a vital part of the local community,so thank you all so much for everything!!

A lot of Kind people!


It appears there are an awful lot of terribly kind people out there and our recent appearance in the news and papers has helped us find even more new friends.

We have had everything from Cash donations  and increase in sponsorships to donations of Hay and Straw, there are just some terribly kind people out there and we are so glad they have been touched by what we try to do.

Friday October the 15th will see our next fundraiser,they are the highly rated Rolling Stones covers band `Sticky Fingers`, who will be gracing Melton Mowbray Working Men`s Club please contact us via Email,Carole on 07745-628684/01664-562634 or the club itself on Norman Way.As always we pride ourself on a great night of family entertainment,value for money and all in a great cause so please come along! thanks also to `The American Legends` and all who came along to see there wonderful show for us last Friday.


Please keep sending us your messages of goodwill, we love to hear that the work we do touches people and gives all the volunteers and Carole tremendous hope.

Good news as one of our Ponies,Tika a beautiful Arab Stallion is going to a new foster home in the local area.Tika came to us clearly emotionally traumatized and was very underweight,she soon settled in and quickly rebuilt her confidence.We know she is going out on loan to a great new home and wish her all the best.


There really is so many people to thank and I wish I had a few better notes to work from as there are some terribly special people out there.Thank you so much,your kindness has helped the future of this Sanctuary look brighter and inspired every single one of us.

Come and support us this Friday!

Well its here! this Friday 10th September at Melton Mowbray Working Mens club on Norman Way as we bring you our next fundraiser `the American Legends`.This promises to be a night of stellar entertainment all for just £5.00,all which goes directly to the charity, doors open at 8.00pm and all ages are welcome.Please come along and support us we would love to see you and promise you a great atmosphere and night of entertainment.

Tickets can be bought on the door but in adavance can be bought from the club or by phoning Carole on01664-562634/07745-628684.

A huge thank you to all the support that came in the wake of our bit of press in the Melton Times and local News stations.We have certainly been getting a lot of hits on the website and Email,also Carole had record takings on her charity stall on Saturday.Everyone has been so very kind and I`m sure Carole would like to say a huge thank you to all the kind people out there,keep the messages coming they are very uplifting!

Our blind Pony,Cherry

It is with regret to mention the passing of Bobby,a noble gentleman in his twenties much loved by us all who left us after a short illness.We hope to have a lasting tribute to this much loved Horse by our founder Carole Fielding on our `stories and Tributes` section within the next few days.


Plea for help from horse sanctuary

We have been on Local television of late and also the local newspaper the Melton Times

Below is a copy of the article:

A horse sanctuary is fighting for survival but the manager refuses to give up despite battling cancer.

Carole Fielding, who runs Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary in Long Clawson, is struggling to make ends meet because of the increasing demands on the charity.

The main costs, hay, straw and wheat, have rocketed because of the weather while the recession has increased the number of animals being given up and making it harder to raise funds.

Carole said: “We are going to struggle this winter. I don’t know how we will do it but we will.

“I have been ill for so very long. I’ve been through the surgery, chemo and radio therapy and I am now on Herceptin which requires regular visits to hospital.

“It has meant I have lost a lot of fundraising time. We are desperate for volunteers. At the weekend I normally run a market stall to raise money but I couldn’t because I was here so that’s more money lost.”

The conditions over the summer has seen the price of hay rocket with many farmers forced to hold onto it to feed their animals.

The lack of grass and the prolonged winter also meant it was used during June and July meaning there was no surplus left over.

An international rise in the price of wheat, partly prompted by the heatwave in Russia, has also hit Pablo’s.

And the recession has meant more people can’t afford to keep their horse meaning Pablo’s is full with 65 animals, many of which would end up being put down.

Mrs Fielding said: “Lots of the sanctuaries only take horses they can re-home, but ours can’t. I get at least two calls a week but we haven’t any more room. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, it’s such a horrible burden to have on your shoulders.

“But there’s so many good causes out there it’s difficult, especially during a recession, to raise money. We will do this, we will pull through for these very special animals.”

For more information or to help, call Mrs Fielding on 07745 628684. The sanctuary is holding a concert at the Working Men’s Club next Friday called featuring music of the American Legends. Tickets are £5 available from the club.