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Review:Eastwell Fete


Well Saturday was a very eventful day for Pablo`s Horse Sanctuary,not greatly helped by some awful British weather.Despite the rain we managed to be doing four different things in four different places !

Carole managed to resist the rain on her charity stall in Melton whilst at the same time the volunteers were hands on doing the normal work with the Horses at the Sanctuary at Long Clawson.

Two of our superb volunteers had a go at the PR side by having an exhibition and promotion for us at the Pets at Home store on Scalford Road,Melton Mowbray.Pets at Home are a regular supporter to our cause and we are proud to be one of the local charities they actively work with.

Elsewhere we also had a good turn out of volunteers at the annual Eastwell fete,It so looked like an early finish for us with rain stopping play but we are so glad we persevered.Eastwell Fete is one of the best village fete`s in the vale of Belvoir and had an interesting array of promotions from Medieval displays,local archery,Victorian entertainers and circus to some beautiful Meerkats!

We would like to take the time to all our volunteers for there help, we wouldnt have been able to do four events at once without your dedication and kindness.As you can see our Charity has many degrees of how you can help: are you best working with Animals? are you a great fundraiser? great at marketing and PR? just fancy standing on a stall on a market or a fete? good at handyman jobs? why not give us a call and help along a great charity and a great cause, we would really love to hear from you.

Despite the bad weather we managed to have our best result over all our summer fete`s and it really was a great day and enjoyable for everyone,Eastwell fete do put on a great day.

A huge thank you to Sue and Rachel who have had so much input this year in not only making these fetes,collections and events happen but have both thrown themselves into them being a success.There enthusiasm is a pleasure and it is inspiring to hear them talk of there plans for next years collection of fundraisers,again thank you so much!


As always a thank you to all our followers,friends and supporters

any questions,comments,stories give us a shout we would love to hear from you!

Congratulations to the Wombat!


Two More fundraisers and more news!

With one Brilliant Fundraiser over we don`t stop there by inviting you all along to our next two musical evenings.

The First we have is `The American Legends`,a tribute to Roy Orbison,Gene Pitney,Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson along with 60`s Disco.This event on Friday September the 10th costs just £5.00 with tickets available from the club itself on Norman Way,Melton Mowbray or by phoning Carole on 01664-562634/07745-628684.Although you can pay on the door on the night its a best bet to get in there early for this great event!

Our second fundraiser is the much lauded Rolling Stones covers band `Sticky Fingers` who will be playing for us on Friday October 15th again at Melton Mowbray Working Men`s club.More details on the event as soon as I receive them.

Don`t forget to come and see us this Saturday at Eastwell fete we would love to meet anyone who follows us.Carole will also be running her charity stall on Melton Market so look out for her and say hello.

The Following week on Bank Holiday Monday we will be at Dalby Day,a very popular festival at Old Dalby, Leicestershire.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see Adam Shereston last Sunday,we are all still buzzing from it! We met so many nice people who really appreciated our work and we are glad to have met so many nice people.Huge thanks to Christine for much of the Extra media for the event,have you seen the awesome videos and thumbnails on the Adam Shereston page yet?

Got a question or comment about Pablo`s ? drop us a line, we aim to get back to any question or query in 24 hours

As always we would like to take the time to bless everyone out there who helps us with there love and kindness,thank you so much!

Review: Adam Shereston-The Horse Whisperer

Sunday 15th August 2010 we were honored and overjoyed to welcome internationally renowned Horse whisperer Adam Shereston to Pablo`s Horse Sanctuary .Thankfully the heavy rain that had blighted the last few days went away and we had the warmest driest day in a while, we managed to get things tidy and the menage raked just in time for an event that we don`t think anyone who attended will forget.

Adam himself is a truly friendly and down to earth guy, very happy to answer questions and share his knowledge, already we had heard glowing reports from the internet about Adam`s work, he was more than happy to work with any challenge we had for him and to actually be there and watch was very inspiring.

After our founder Carole Fielding opened the show with a lovely moving speech about the founding of the charity and her long term aims ,we brought out one of our newer arrivals to the Sanctuary a spotted Grey mare called Blossom.

Blossom had an unhappy past,she was owned by travelers and used as a brood mare, never schooled she had been rescued by a kind soul and brought to us when his situation became urgent.Blossom despite her past is an adorable girl with a kind nature,she soon settled in with her field mates Bobby and Tika and began to enjoy the freedom that she previously had never known.We were all rather transfixed to the menage when Blossom now without her head collar began galloping around the menage wondering how to get back to her protector Bobby, she was clearly very anxious.I don’t think I can describe the almost magical way that Adam confidently and calmly began to work with Blossom and within a short space of time won her total trust.During the ongoing session Adam describes the process of how he achieves his results step by step afterwards taking questions from the audience.

Adam and Blossom

Next up we had a guest Horse a beautiful Skewbald mare who had previously been used as a brood mare and had great adversity to being mounted.We feel the owner went away with a positive feeling for her horse in the future after Adam described many techniques that would improve the trust,respect and understanding between Horse and rider.

Adam then went onto work with two more of our horses, a  Shetland stallion called Icarus who although appears to be quite dominant is actually quite an anxious little boy.After initially racing about the menage like a rocket and testing Adam,he quickly calmed and began to make a relationship with him.Adam showed  us a range of techniques so now that we can apply these and hopefully Icarus will become more amenable,calm and less anxious when asked to do anything out of his safety zone.

Adam and Icarus

Adam did a demo of Timing and foot placement with a fully trained Horse from the sanctuary called Jack to help us see that the unity between man and horse is attainable.

Adam and Jack

Adam and Jack

In between the Demo`s the volunteers took great pride in showing  many of the guests around, what pleased us no end was to hear everyone speak of the calmness and serenity of the Sanctuary and that the Horses all seemed very happy and relaxed which is our main purpose.

We were treated to an exhibition of the Japanese art of Reiki by Jo who has kindly given her time to the sanctuary on a weekly basis.If you would like to know more about Reiki and healing with animals please contact Jo via the link at the side of our page, she is a lovely lady who really loves her work we are honored for the help and time very kindly she has given us.

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the event we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we all did and got an insight to the ways that Adam teaches and trains.

We would like to thank the following who helped us so much:Rutland Radio,The Cheese Company:Tuxford and Tebbutt (thanks Michelle!),Countrywide farmers(thanks Murray!),our brilliant farrier-Eric Yeandle,S+J haulage,Card factory, Buttercup feeds,Global safety Ltd,103-the Eye, The Melton Times ,St John Ambulance Melton Division , Crown and plough public house in Long Clawson and the Maxines Snax  who kept us all full with there lovely food.

Adam meets our blind Horse Cherry

Also a special thank you to our loyal team of volunteers who did the above and beyond the call of duty with there hard work and dedication to make the event happen and make such a memorable day

Finally a huge thank you to Adam Shereston,we all truly enjoyed the whole day and meeting him,we hope one day we can invite him back to do a weekend clinic as we consider him a true friend of the Sanctuary and the magnificent work he does within the Horse Community.

Note: Still awaiting media so hopefully we may be able to add new photos and videos over the next few days

Dont miss it!

This Sunday(15th August) we have extreme pleasure in welcoming Internationally reknowned Horse Whisperer Adam Shereston to Pablo`s Horse Sanctuary.Don`t miss out on this sensational event, tickets are just £10.00 in advance and £12.50 on the gate, please visit the `Horse Whisperer tab` on this website for more information.

A big thank you to all our volunteers who have put in extra time and effort to help this event be a success.

Also coming up we have `American Legends`,tickets are a mere £5.00 in advance or on the door but best book early to avoid disappointment.

Our cute Shetland Minty is very curious and ended up squeezing through into another field.Luckily he`s a very good natured lad and was caught easily,luckily he didn’t catch the ire of Big Bobby whose field he broke into.Bob is known to just prefer the company of mares and is quite protective to keep them all to himself,yet the photo beneath shows that Minty and Bobby are quite happy in each others company!

Minty`s afternoon out!

Don`t forget we are at Eastwell Fete on the 21st of August and also Dalby day on Monday 30th.Come and say hello to us or have a chat with our staff and find out about more of the worthwhile work in the community we would love to meet you.

Summer is such a nice time, some of our Horses like for instance Bella look superb with there coats all glistening at this time of year.Its always nice to see our veteran`s also have a great shine on their coats like May,both Arthur`s,Jubail and Ted.

Thank you to all our friends,followers, helpers you keep us going and making the world a nicer place