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Fashion Show this Friday!

Our next fundraiser is all set for this Friday! (4th June)

Don`t miss this spectacular event and a great chance to help Pablo`s Horse Sanctuary it promises to be a great night.

Tickets are available from:  Long Clawson Village Shop   –   Nether Broughton and surrounding areas – Rachel on 01664 820278  –  Asfordby and surrounding areas – Sue on 07714 752105   –   Melton Mowbray and surrounding areas – Andrea on 07786 764453  –  Waltham and surrounding areas – Wendy on 07980 388489.

More information can be found about the show on the `Events`tab

a huge thank you to our wonderful team of Sue,Rachel and Wendy who have put so much into making this event happen.

Please don`t forget to come and see us at Hickling fete on the 13th June, one of the areas finest village fete`s and lets hope we have as good weather as last years event.

Do keep your eyes peeled to our website for upcoming events, we will be heavily promoting our August event- the Internationally renowned Horse Whisperer Adam Shereston,this is an awesome event you will not want to miss!

Thank you to all our friends,followers, helpers you keep us going and making the world a nicer place

Bizzie(Front) and May (Rear)


Hot News!

Shanty and Tommy

Well the scorcher of a summer has finally arrived.We have already had the fun and games of trying to catch the horses out in the paddocks trying to worm them all,some are more co-operative than  others (Bouncing Bella!).Our Horses and Ponies are most playful Winston has already ripped his fly rug and even shy Marmite has come out his shell and is making more friends.

Willow the Wisp(Will) is now very happy and on long term loan at Waltham on the Walds, a great success story which has delighted us.

Saturday 22nd of May was a double great day,along with the scorching weather Carole had a marvelous day on our Melton Mowbray charity stall with the sunshine bringing out some very kind donations from people.Meanwhile over at Wymondham May Festival another team had a stall publicizing our upcoming fashion show and the work we do at the sanctuary.Please  dont forget to come and see us at Carole’s stall in Melton on most Saturday`s or on Sunday June 13th at Hickling Fete we would love to see you and have a natter.Also thank you to Dawn and Jess our awesome car boot team not only for raising money for us but raising the Pablo`s profile!

The two pals Rupert and Thomas have now gone to Garthorpe for a while,whilst we see the return of three of our Horses to our main yard-Polly, Magnum and Chanelle.Our big General has took an instant fancy to Chanelle and they are now inseparable, whilst Magnum and Polly have paired very well together.

The yard is looking so much nicer and its with with big thanks to the immense efforts of C+J (Happy Birthday BTW!) whose fantastic work even got us an article in the Melton Times.

A huge thank you to Brampton Ladies who gave us most kind donation of £200

Don`t you dare miss our fashion show on June 4th a Long Clawson village hall,our fundraising team have been busy canvassing the local area hopefully we have made some new friends and followers along the way.Please click on the fashion show tab and please come along and support us ,all the money goes directly to the Horses.

With so much happening at the moment we still need people! so whether you fancy mucking in(or out!) at the yard, standing at all stall or helping out at a village fete or paragliding off Blackpool tower,give us a holler via our `contact us `tab.

Finally a huge thank you to all the volunteers at Pablo`s who come along and help in various ways, a huge thank you from Carole who is so appreciative of the effort to help the charity continue to grow.

Summer here we come!

Dee Dee

Despite the somewhat temperamental weather Summer is looking very promising for us .

A big thank you to our two handy helpers who have been mending fences,making Mikey our old goat a new house and best of all putting up our new barn doors.The next few weeks will see us doing a lot of painting and staining which should be very much fun.Also a huge thank you to our fundraisers who stood in Grantham on a blowy and rainy day with  collecting tins in aid of our cause.

We also say goodbye to one of our Horses, our headstrong boy Will has gone out on loan to a lovely lady in the local area.


Perhaps you can help us with old mobile phones or ink cartridges? just click the banner beneath where you can donate to us.Alternatively come and see us on a Saturday on Melton Street market and get an envelope from Carole,all you have to do then is hand in the envelope at any post office and we at Pablo`s get a donation.

Don`t forget to come and see us this month on the 22nd May at Wymondham Fete, we would love to see anyone come and introduce yourselves!

Anyone have a petrol strimmer they can either lend us or wish to donate? the majority of our income is used on feed,rent,vet bills etc so if anyone can help with this request,it is something which would help us tremendously no end.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped since our last post,but we would like this time to say a huge thank you to our marvelous farrier Eric.Over the years Eric has been a colossus and many times gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us,he is a true modern day Saint.Amongst some his most famous deeds with us were building Polly a new shoe so she could walk and have quality of life and diagnosing Daisy`s illness when so many experts could not,both animals are here today because of Eric.

Also a big `Hi` to our lovely friends in Wales,and a big `thank you`

The Best news of all is that all our Horses are well and in good spirits.Our very old thoroughbred Arthur has been spoiled with attention and enjoying his trips out to the grass whilst our old mare poppy has been running around the pony field like a youngster.

If you would like to find out more about the work that we do or perhaps help us in any way,why not give us a call via the `contact us` tab.

thank you